When Cats Attack You, is it Play or Concern?

When Cats Attack You, is it Play or Concern?

Cats are susceptible animals. They are not as cuddly as dogs; it takes some time to understand their behavior. They are predators by instinct; hence it is natural for them to show aggressive behavior toward you. Other reasons may have caused your pet’s aggressive behavior.Cats can behave that way in a playful mood or when stressed or agitated. Let us learn the difference between the two, move further, and learn to calm an aggressive cats.

In a Play Mood

When your cat is in a playful mood and attacks you, they are probably trying to seek attention. Maybe they are overexcited and trying to cool off that extra energy. If they are constantly chewing and fighting toys and playing with them the same way, the behavior is nothing to be concerned about and can be corrected quickly.

Engage them in more interactive physical activities with you or teach them that aggressive behavior is wrong. To do this, give them treats when they are silent and calm and reassure them positively.

Agitated or Distressed

  • If they are attacking you or anyone else nearby and constantly, then they are probably disturbed by something. Cats have hypersensitive senses. They smell, hear and see and touch multiple times more than us. Therefore, they must not be exposed to sudden changes in the atmosphere.
  • A new pet or a new person
  • A new strange object
  • Strong odors other than their odor could agitate them and make them feel threatened.
  • Loud noises.
  • New environments like your car, veterinary clinic, parent’s home, etc.


The aggressive behavior may be annoying and sometimes even painful, but it is a sign that they need help. You can use CBD treats to calm an aggressive cat and start seeing the results soon.