Guitar- care and maintenance tips
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Guitar- care and maintenance tips

As we all know, guitar is one of the most commonly used musical instrument in current trend. To reveal the fact, many people are interested in using guitar when compared to that of other musical instruments. Even though it sounds to be good, each and everyone who is coming forward to use guitar are supposed to maintain them at the best. Some of the easy and effective guitar care and maintenance tips that are to be followed by the users are mentioned in this article. The beginners can make use of the following discussion to use and maintain guitar at its best.


Obviously strings are the most important part of the guitar. Hence it should be maintained properly. The strings are to be changed periodically. This frequency will get changed depending upon the usage. In case if the guitar is used more often, the frequency of changing strings will be higher. By changing the strings at times of need one can ensure the quality of sound to a greater extent. According to the suggestion of the experts, the people who are playing guitar one hour a day are supposed to change the strings once in six weeks.

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The next important thing that is to be concentrated while considering the guitar maintenance is the fretboard. One must have the habit of cleaning the fretboard each and every time after using the guitar. Fretboard may easily get exposed to dirt and dust. Hence cleaning them properly is more important. And it is to be noted that soft and clean cloth should be used for this cleaning. One should strictly avoid using harmful chemicals or other harsh cleaning liquid over the fretboard as these compounds may damage the quality of the fretboard.


Storing the guitar in the proper place after its usage will help in ensuring its longevity to a greater extent. One should strictly avoid placing their guitar in extreme cold and hot environment. This is because this kind of variation in the temperature will let the guitar to get contract and expand. And this is not a good sign while considering their quality maintenance. One must remember that even if the guitar is kept in the sunlight for a prolonged period, the guitar may get faded and will also lead to several other hassles while playing. Hence after each and every usage, they must be stored in the proper place.