Tips on How to Repair Scratches on Laminate Floorings

Tips on How to Repair Scratches on Laminate Floorings

Our floors are the most crucial part of a house because they serve as your home’s foundation. It’s also the first thing a person makes in contact with whenever they enter a home, which is why you should choose a flooring that could withstand high foot traffic. It also has to be durable, so you don’t need to spend money buying a whole new flooring and have them reinstalled again. One of these floorings is laminate floorings, which are the cheapest option, and at the same time, one of the most durable.

Laminate floorings can mimic other types of flooring because it comes in different designs, such as hardwood, marble, and more. Even though they’re not that classy or elegant, they do the job well. But they are also susceptible to damage, but not enough to cause floor repairs. So if you see any scrapes or scratches on your laminate flooring, you can follow some of the tips below.

Get Repair Kits from the Manufacturer

If you see any scrapes or scratches on your laminate floorings, you can simply match the color of the floor. Then, call the manufacturer of your flooring and get the repair kit from them. These kits consist of wax pencils and a putty knife that you can use to repair the damage. If you don’t know the manufacturer, bring a sample of your flooring to a store and get a repair kit that matches the same color. You can also get a repair kit that allows you to mix different colors of putty at home.

Popular Flooring Tile Options

Filling in Minor Scratches

You can use a wax pencil that matches the color of your floor if you see any minor scratches. It will fill the gap with wax, hiding it and blending it with the rest of the floor’s surface. First, you need to spread the pencil’s tip back and forth across the scratch. Next, you have to remember to use short strokes to fill in the scratch from one end to the next. Use a cloth to buff out the edges once you’re done filling out the scratch to make it blend with the rest of the surface.

How to Repair Major Scrapes

If you see a very deep scrape or a very extensive scratch, you don’t need to use a wax pencil or a putty to fill them. However, in cases like these, you will need to have the floorboard replaced. First, you need to remove the baseboard at the nearest wall and pull up the board until you reach the damaged one. Then, replace it with a new board and put the other boards back.